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Ultimate Health & Location Tracker for Pets - Magenta

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  • Subscription required. Covers connection to AT&T 4G LTE-M network for GPS location in the US. Yearly $7.95/mo, 2-Year $6.95/mo
  • Real-Time Location Tracking. Set up alerts and quickly locate your pet, whether they've made a sneaky escape, or are 3,000 miles away. Receive notifications if your pet's location leaves a designated safe area. Using AT&T nationwide network and Google maps.
  • Health, Nutrition, & Activity Tracking. Monitor activity levels, calories, distance, and activity, along with behaviors like licking, scratching and sleeping to keep an eye on potential health problems. Get recommendations on food portions based on activity levels, breed, age, and weight. Email a 30-day report to your vet.
  • 20 - Day Battery, Built-In Night Light. Use the app to choose between 3 safety night light settings, slow flash, fast flash, or always on. The long-lasting battery goes up to 20 days on a single charge for your greatest adventures.
  • Chat With A Vet. Your Whistle subscription gives you access to on-demand veterinary help through chat, phone, or email right from the Whistle app. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Richard G.
Works quite well overall

MY experience with this product so far is very positive. I have the sensor attached to my cat's harness, and she handles the weight with no problem (she's a little over 9 pounds). One think to note is that when your pet is within range of your home wifi, there is no location tracking function, even if outside your specified safe zone. The app just shows the pet is located at "home". Your cell phone location is always shown, as it's provided by your phone's gps. Once your pet is outside wifi range, you get a text alert, and a button appears to start tracking its location. If you select tracking, the light on the unit will start flashing, which I can see being a big help in locating your pet in the dark. It does take a few minutes (maybe 5 minutes or so) after leaving wifi range for an alert to arrive, which I wish was a bit quicker. But once tracking starts, it updates frequently (I have it set to update every 3 minutes I believe). The positions provided on the app seem to be accurate. Overall, the tracking works well, the app is nicely designed, and there are lots of additional features on the app, primarily related to your pet's activity level. When at "home", activity is tracked via wifi, which saves most of the battery for "emergency" tracking when needed, which is a very clever design. The Whistle is a great improvement over previous gps tracking devices I've used with my cat.

Brian H.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. So I thought my fatty catty was just hiding when she went outside, she brings home her left over Bunny's to share every once in awhile. This all started when I heard her screaming one evening, from the woods, my heart sunk and I ran towards her voice. When I got to the wood line a fox came running out and I almost puked with heartache. I screamed for her and searched for an hour, finally I found her deathly scared but I'm harmed but something has happened I could tell she was very shook up. The Whistle lets me allow her to roam the woods for her Bunny's and I can always know where she is and has been, this was her first trip out and I was blown away how far out she goes. That barn is where I think the Bunny's are nested up. It's a little weird getting used to, if she is in range of Wi-Fi it's automatically says she is home which sucks but overall a very awesome device. Also u need a subscription to use....

Christine Spaulding
Works well, as advertised!

Tracks the dog (husky) if he leaves the yard. As soon as he is out of WIFI range I get an alert on my phone. If we go for a walk the app knows we are both together and tells me "enjoy your trip with your dog". It tracks his fitness, scratching, licking and alerts you to give heartworm or other meds. It is a good device and a good app. The GPS is fairly accurate, I would say withint 20-50 feet or so. It is very good if your dog likes to escape and run around the neighborhood which mine does once in a while. He always comes back but this makes it much less stressful since I can just go get him easily. The battery last for weeks, no issues with that, and it tells you when it drops below 20% so you can recharge it. Before a bad storm- the app warned me to charge his collar in case the power went out... I mean what more can you ask for from a product, really outstanding.

I use it for my cat.. it's GREAT

It's basically perfect. It's a little big for my cat, as it's designed for dogs, but the software ecosystem and everything is basically bang-on. ZERO complaints. The only thing I'd like the little unit to do (and this is cos cats are sneaky and quiet, and this wasn't designed for cats), but I'd like it to actually make a noise if needed.Apart from that, the daily view, the weekly and history view are fascinating !! My cat has routines, and visits everyone in the neighborhood.. now I understand his weight gain. Also, I now know where his girlfriend lives.ADDITION : I’ve have the unit for a few months now, and the battery life isn’t as good as before - noticeablyI’m finding that I need to put the refresh to 10mins, and even then I’m only getting a week between charges .. sooo that’s the update.Apparently this can happen is your cell service (for the unit) isn’t getting a strong signal and it draws more power

Sleve McDichael
Great tracker, with a few concerns

I love the reminders and health/behavior tracking of this device. Works as advertised but there are a couple of hangups that leave me wondering if I should have tried the Fi collar instead.1) There is no way to disable WiFi on the collar. Because the range of my WiFi extends out past my driveway and over all my property lines, my dog doesn't set off any alerts for a while when she escapes the fence because the tracker thinks she's still home, despite her being located outside of the geofencing.2) The light really only works sometimes. Attempting to turn the light on (or even off, for that matter) 90% of the time results in a few minutes of the app seeming to try toggling the light for a few minutes, then either returning an error and pretending like nothing happened. This can be especially frustrating if you're actively tracking in the dark. Or if the light is on and you want to conserve battery, good luck turning it off.3) I read another review where they claimed the battery only lasts 30 minutes when off WiFi,but it's really closer to about 24 hours. I know because sometimes my dog would leave in the evenings and not come back so I'd have to go out and get her early the next day before the battery ran out completely. Still, I would prefer a longer battery life.

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