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Ultimate Health & Location Tracker for Pets - Green

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  • Subscription required. Covers connection to AT&T 4G LTE-M network for GPS location in the US. Yearly $7.95/mo, 2-Year $6.95/mo
  • Real-Time Location Tracking. Set up alerts and quickly locate your pet, whether they've made a sneaky escape, or are 3,000 miles away. Receive notifications if your pet's location leaves a designated safe area. Using AT&T nationwide network and Google maps.
  • Health, Nutrition, & Activity Tracking. Monitor activity levels, calories, distance, and activity, along with behaviors like licking, scratching and sleeping to keep an eye on potential health problems. Get recommendations on food portions based on activity levels, breed, age, and weight. Email a 30-day report to your vet.
  • 20 - Day Battery, Built-In Night Light. Use the app to choose between 3 safety night light settings, slow flash, fast flash, or always on. The long-lasting battery goes up to 20 days on a single charge for your greatest adventures.
  • Chat With A Vet. Your Whistle subscription gives you access to on-demand veterinary help through chat, phone, or email right from the Whistle app. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Dustin R. Taylor
Works Great - Hopefully we never actually need it again...

After we moved to a new house out in the country and my dog got lost in a snow storm, it took us 10 hours to find him. Luckily the whole community helped and a few reported sightings led us in the general direction. when we got home, we immediately started researching GPS trackers for dogs.We have had this one a while now, and it seems to work really well. I get alerts when my wife takes him to the school bus stop, and when he returns. The tracking feature works nicely, and the battery life is good for at least a week for us - I recharge it once a week so that it never actually dies if we need it.Hopefully we never lose him again and do not need to use this tracker, but if it works as well as it has so far, it will be a huge help in letting us find our furry guy.

Jennifer Henderson
Good little device

Be aware that you do need a subscription to a cell service for this device. It is used when the device gets out of range of your WiFi. We have a deaf dog that would never hear you telling it to come home and that's why we got this. She has gotten out several times usually looking for Mommy. This device has let us know every time and with decent accuracy for a mobile GPS device such as this (its within 50 to 100 ft). The battery only got down to 35% after 3 to 4 weeks of her having it on. Also it tells you little things about her like if she is scratching to much (stressed), not drinking enough water, or has not been active that day. She is our baby and this puts our minds at peace.

Ali Milton
Best purchase for peace of mind!

I bought this for my indoor/outdoor cat because he was missing for 4 days and I was worried sick not knowing where he was, if he was stuck somewhere or just out playing. I have had this for a week and could not be happier with it!! So far the battery life is great, the maps of where he goes are very accurate and I get messages anytime he leaves his 'home zone' and when he returns. We have fairly good AT&T service in the area which might help, but I haven't had any issues with the tracking. It updates itself when he is out of the home zone every 6 minutes, which is perfectly fine with me, and if I need to find him, I can hit the update or track button and find him right away. I find it very interesting to see where he actually goes, I had no idea where he'd disappear to all the time so it's great to see a little into his mindset. LOL. My only complaint would be that my cat is pretty small, only about 10 pounds and it is a little big on him. He doesn't seem to mind too much though. It's not heavy, just bulky. The other thing is that I can't test the light on it because you can't be in the home zone to test it, not a big deal, but would be nice to know what it looks like if I ever have to use it and look for it.

I love this product

Our dogs were always taking off and I would have to go look for them. Now I can see exactly where they are if this happens. I noticed someone complained about the battery. Mine lasts a good week or sometimes 2 weeks before I get an alert. When I changed my home network SSID, I started noticing that I had to charge it more often, like every 3 or 4 days. I learned that this was because the device could not connect to my wifi fro the safe zone it creates and therefore was only using GPS all the time, which drains the battery faster. Once I reconnected it to the new SSID, the battery life went back to normal. Maybe this will help someone else. I also love the reports about licking and scratching. I got a notification about licking being highly elevated and found out that my dog had a cut that needed tending. I was happily surprised to find this out thanks to Whistle.

JoAnne D.
Best tracker out there!

Buy the proper device for your pet! I received this today. Originally I ordered the Whistle 3 but was disappointed with the plastic clip that attached it to any collar.So I decided to return it and get the Whistle Go Explore. $30 more, but it has a night light on it and a longer battery life. I also ordered the collar that was recommend to go with it. So much sturdier. Metal clasps and also a metal bracket to secure the tracker in.Was so excited to try it out so I let my 85 lb male German Shepherd out to run tonight on the farm near me.The device tracked him (a map of his excursions showed up on the app I downloaded on my iPhone). It let me know when he was home before I heard him walk him walk in the house.I highly recommend this tracker!

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