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750lb Paracord - Black

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  • Packaged According to Length: 50, 100, and 150 Footers Come Coiled in Bags; 200 Footers on Tubes
  • 500 and 1000 Footers are Wound on a Spool; 1000 Footers May Come in up to 2 Non-Spliced Sections
  • Diameter Measures 3/16 Inch (Plus or Minus 1/32 Inch); 100 Percent Nylon; 11 Inner Triple Strands
  • Take it From our Expert Veterans, Change the Way You Camp, Hike, and Survive; Made in the USA
  • Perfect for Sheltering in Place, Camping, Hiking, Bug Out Bags, Vehicles, and Paracord Crafting

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
The best for my unique project!

A year ago I bought this paracord in a reel of 1000 ft in white. I bought it because I wanted to KNIT a swing for my kids. This seemed like the best option for a safe, strong basket-type swing. I am happy to report that I was right! Although knitting with paracord presented me with its own unique challenges (if you need tips, let me know), I made the swing and it looks today exactly like it did 8 months ago! I live in Texas. This swing is not protected from the elements at all. It spent months under the mercy-less hot TX sun, it lasted beautifully through every crazy rain storm (when it rains Texas, it really rains... as in 5" in three days easily), and it withstood two storms that took off peoples' roofs and uprooted trees with tree trunks wider than an SUV! It is just hanging off the tree limb... waiting for my kids to swing on it! Dirt doesn't seem to stick to it and the steel cords I hung it with had to be replaced because they twisted and bent from use... but the swing is pefectly fine... just stretched about 20% in the middle from my kids and my 220 lb husband lounging in it on a regular basis! As a matter of fact, I replaced the steel cords with this paracord!I also have to say that this seller is a very kind person, who really wants his customers to be happy and pleased with the purchase. My interactions with the seller have been nothing but positive. I had a tough time with keeping the cord wound when I tried my project for the first time and the reel sides gave out on me. This seller went above and beyond to make sure I had a positive experience with this product in the end. I am thankful to have done business with him and highly recommend this seller and this product to others.

Great cord with great customer service

I've ordered 3 times now and I love their Paracord. Definitely has higher quality inner strands than the other cord I have seen and also has 11 inner twined tripple strands with the milspec colored strand (which I think helps identify when the cord was made) as opposed to the 7 intertwined double strands of the standard stuff. The customer service is great too, the second order they sent me a free book on knots and the third order they sent me a free Night-Ize CamJam which is like a cord tightened and carabeiner combined type deal that I put in my get home bug out bag because it's small light weight and could definitely come in handy. They usually send an email after asking if your happy with the order and all that which some can find annoying but when they send you free gifts with hand written thank you cards too I see it as good customer service.

GET SOME, see for yourself, worth the price

I ordered this without having any prior knowledge of TOUGH-GRID or its products. I was impressed by what I received. I contacted the seller and have given feedback to TOUGH-GRID. This was my feedback: "I have tested your 750 orange paracord, and just received the 25 feet of forest camo paracord that Adam sent. Thank you Adam! I have found that the outer casing or shell of the 750 paracord is tighter, and does not creep or bunch over the inner strands, like some of the other paracord brands. Overall the 750, feels to be the same general circumference as 550 cord, but closer inspection indicates that there are more inner strands packed into the same diameter casing. the inner strands are each three strand, instead of two strand, that some other manufacturers use. There are 11 white tri-weave strands, and a subtle 12 colored strand, in the sample I tested, compared to the seven bi-weave strands in my 550 cord. The tri-weave strands from your 750 paracord pull out easier, and maintain their structural integrity better that the Bi-weave 550 cord sample that I am comparing your cord to. Overall much better product for real outdoor applications, as well as a tighter core/case, useful for crafting, if you are into that sort of thing. (I make rifle slings, and drag handles for my gear, instead of wrist bracelets and key fobs) but the idea is the same." This is not a compensated review, just the opinion of a recent 20+ year military retiree.

Better to have and not need than to need and not have!

In 50 years of camping, I've only ever really needed cordage in a couple instances.And in both cases, I had it in my pack. Once a Hunt partner had neglected to provide his Elk Rifle with a Sling and complained as we were walking miles back to the truck, so I fashioned him an instant sling.And once on a cross country motorcycle trip, we ran into some nasty weather, and I needed to Tie some rain tarps to the bikes, as the raging wind would rip off the little elastic hooks typically provided by the rain covers.Repairing broken straps, temp fixes, or to provide an extra rain cover over a tent during a particularly heavy drenching, as I said - Better to have it and not need it, than to needs it and not have it!

This Is The Only Paracord You Should Buy! Excellent Stuff!

Bill Hanover (the owner) is a stand-up guy. After some testing, I now trust my life to this paracord, and its the only paracord Im going to purchase moving forward. I have a military and police background and Ive seen a lot of basic 550 paracord. You would think that its hard to mess up paracord and its all the same, but its really not all the same and I have seen some doozies in the past. Not all paracord is equal despite there being some standardization in mil-spec requirements. This TOUGH-GRID 750lb paracord is exceptionally high quality. I've used paracord for weapons, training, hiking, emergency rigging, hiding food up high from animals and other camping needs, emergency medical uses, and the list goes on and on. After buying this paracord the owner aso sent me a couple of digital freebies that I was not expecting nor was advertised, and I think that it was a classy surprise, great form of business, and excellent customer service during a time where most customer service is terrible everywhere. The owner of Tough-Grid (who sells this paracord) definitely seems on the level and would do everything to make you happy and to ensure youre satisfied with this product, as outlined by a follow-up email I got from him after I made my purchase. Tough-Grid seems to understand what preppers need and want from looking at their website, and at this point in my life Ive become more of a prepper and always making sure that my bug-out bag, get-home-bag, home, and car are always ready-to-go...which means I keep a fully-stocked kit everywhere, and I'll be buying more of this Tough-Grid paracord for my home, camping, and emergency gear. I tested this stuff by abusing it the best I could, intentionally trying to fray it, testing melting its ends, pulling heavy objects and lifting heavy objects up high into a nearby tree, and even climbing-up two side-by-side lines of it wrapped around a tree branch, and its held-up great. There's obviously a lot of paracord purchase options out there, and I'll be honest when I say that Ive purchased paracord over a hundred times during the past 20 years' time from various places, people, and brands...but I'll make it easy for you, this is the BEST paracord Ive ever bought, so Im going to keep buying it. Im glad I found this stuff. The price is right, too. Stay safe, Everyone!

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