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Survival Seeds - 32 Varieties

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  • 32 Varieties of All Natural Vegetable Seeds: Non-hybrid, Non-gmo, Heirloom
  • 100% Naturally Grown and Open Pollinated seeds with high Germination Rate
  • Vegetable Growing and Seed Harvesting Guide Included with Seeds Tested for Maximum Germination and Yield.
  • USA Seeds Stored in Air Tight, Moisture Proof Resealable Bag for Safer, Long Term Storage
  • Carefully Selected Seed and Vegetable Varieties to Provide a Well Balanced Healthy Diet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
and this product seemed like a great choice

I was looking to save some money on seeds this year, and this product seemed like a great choice. Out of the 30 seed packets provided, i will not be using maybe like 3 or 4, so great value on this. Some people complain that they didn't get all 30 pouches, but i counted and received all of them. So even if i were to buy 20 of these at $2 each per packet in store, i'm already saving lots of money here.I do not care if i got 11,000 or 9,000+ seeds, but this kit includes all the necessary seeds you might need for starting your garden. We rent a small patch in community garden, so this is a great way to go, because i get more variety of produce than i would if i was buying all seed packets separately. And sometimes you don't necessarily need to use a whole packet anyways, so this is a great amount in each variety.I'm looking forward to starting my garden again this year, first couple months are always the most exciting, to watch everything grow - and i will be trying some new veggies this year, thanks to this kit. For example, i have never grown Okra, so i will give it a try. There are also a few seeds of corn, which is perfect for my small garden, i don't need to many because of smaller space.The actual physical size fo the kit is rather small, but people were commenting about it before, so i wasn't too surprised. I wish i could re-seal the package (individual packages inside are zip-lock kind, so that's good), but the main holding apckage doesn't re-seal. I do want to keep it though because it has the list of seeds on it, so i just put it into zip lock to keep from getting any moisture or dust on it before i use it. (Or better yet, stop from getting scattered all around my drawer where i store it).So i recommend this kit to any small time gardener. It's supposed to be high-pollinated and high-yield produce, but i can't imagine it would benefit someone with big garden. It doesn't seem like there is too many seeds for any major planting. There is sure tons of seeds of lettuce and radish, but only like 10pcs of corn, sunflower or pumpkin. So plan wisely, and good luck!

Awesome seeds producing great results

I wanted to wait untill I got these up and going. Holy moly these seeds produced. I had to thin out my garden because too many seeds we're successful. I have huge sunflowers growing along my fence. 2 cantaloupe plants that are kicking out the fruit. The okra went crazy and was my first harvest. Cucumber is doing wonderful. Eggplants are starting to fruit. Zucchini held up nicely even after I took it from the garden to the yard. Carrots and radish are still cooking and the peas are almost ready. Super pleased with the seeds. I planted other ones from another company and haven't had crap. I'll be purchasing this again next year and I'll add the herb pack too since the ones I got were a waste.

Do what you like....I'm ordering more of these!

I wanted a supply of heirloom seeds for my bugout bag and have had trouble finding seeds I could count on. I have tried seeds from several different companies but, have experienced germination problems with every company, some severe. I came across SURVIVAL GARDEN seeds from Open Seed Vault. It sounded gimmicky to me but what the hell. I was willing to try them out in a fall garden (not difficult in S. Tx). I could hardly believe my eyes. I tried 6 different varieties and every single seed germinated! I've never even had hybrid seeds perform that well. You can do what you like but, I'm ordering more of these. *I did not get paid for this review...no money, no seeds, nothing!

red man10
Price gouging

Great product grows well want to order more but the price has went from 13.95 to 59.00 ridiculous

Everything's sprouting

Smaller than I thought but it's still plenty for what we need. We started the eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes, and celery in a mini green house seed starting kit and everything is sprouting (we're still waiting on the bell peppers and the others have tiny sprouts you can't see well in the photos) the tomatoes are growing super fast! Excited for spring so I can plant more!

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