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10,000mAh Solar Charger - Black

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  • Qi Wireless & Solar Power: 10,000mAh wireless power bank with solar power. Not just a wireless power bank but also a wireless charger. Compatible with iPhone XR/ XR MAX/ XS/ X/ 8/ 8plus, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9plus S8/S8plus and all qi-enabled mobile devices.
  • Extensive Tested Charging Times: The charging times of the solar phone charger have been extensively tested. It can be fully recharged in 6 hours with 5V/2A adapter. It can charge an iphone7plus up to 2.2times, iPhone X up to 2.3times, iphone8 up to 3.5times.
  • Sturdy Durable and Compact Size: The portable charger is made of premium ABS materials and a lithium polymer battery, highly sturdy and durable. Its equipped with two USB, type C, dual flashlights, and a compass kit. Lightweight and compact size.
  • Dual Flashlight & Compass Kit: The solar phone charger is built with a dual bright flashlight, and comes with a portable compass kit, a handy tool for outdoor activities, like camping, cycling, fishing, traveling, hiking and beaches.

Customer Reviews

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Good quality and works - well

This is a first impression review.....I just received the product and tested all the features.I'll return to this review section in a few months and rate the durability once I've used it extensively.....Product arrived two days before the promised date.It was well packed and had no damage.It was, to me, easy to operate all the functions.It charged my Galaxy Note from 70 percent to 100 percent wirelessly in about 12 minutes right out of the package.The flashlight(s) worked well and are of sufficient brightness to be useful.Solar charging works and recouped one bar in about 45 minutes in direct sunlight.Unit feels rugged, is very non-slip to hold, is of a size that easily fits in a pocket, has intuitive change indicators, and has no loose components or rattles.If it holds up over time, which I no reason to believe it won't, I'd say it's a hell of buy!

Just As Tough As Your Adventures Ahead of You!

This portable battery didn't fail to amaze me as I have encountered countless portable batteries before. But never before have I thought of having an outdoor battery would immensely change my perceptions, about taking a practical and rugged portable battery.Because of its toughness and practicality- Splashproof IPX4, you could really splash water around this bad boy and it'll still serve you right.- Dustproof, have taken it to the beach before and it's unfazed by the sand- Shockproof, in the worst case that you mishandled the battery, it will survive but try not do this too often!- Solarpanel, this is self-explanatory and it could be really useful under right circumstances such as hiking, trekking, etc. all day long with the battery exposed to bright sunlight will charge it amply and be ready for usage at night where electricity might be scared. If no sunlight is available, you could charge this bad boy the regular way using any port available.- Wireless charging, this is a killer! The fact that you don't have to plug in the cable and have every tangled is definitely great. Just leave your device on top of the designated spot and watch it charge seamlessly (thick case might interfere though)This bad boi has everything you possible needs and then some. It even include a little compass, which is super cute and super thoughtful. This really shows that the manufacturer and designer put thought into it and include something that would be so meaningful to the end users. In the end, you couldn't really go wrong with a portable + solar pannel + rugged + wireless charging capable battery, right?

Solid battery, bright light, good capacity.

I bought this as a backup to have in the car but I think it will get more use. I charged it up and wanted to see how much it could handle. I took out some completely dead old phones. It charged up a LG v10, a htc one m9 and my current LG g6. The LG g6 was about half dead. It filled them all up and the battery was on empty by then.Charging took about 4 hours and charged at 5.25 volts and 1.9A on the USB testerThe instructions say it would take over 50 hours to charge off the solar panel so maybe 1/4 full per day. You could get about a full charge of an average smart phone in a little more than 11 hours of direct light. Not optimal but it's there.Oh yeah, the torch light is bright as heck. Don't look right at them.

Would give this more starts if I could.

I got one before a 7 day canoe trip to Boundary Waters in Minnesota. I was able to clip it to the outside of my pack without being worried of it getting wet or bumped around , it always had plenty of energy and with the wireless charging i didn't need to bring any additional cables. Having a flashlight to hang in my tent was an extra bonus. This product is also useful on a daily basis when you need a quick charge on the road if you leaving this in the sun on your dashboard.

Works great

I like that its about the same size as my phone so I can shove them both in a pack or pocket, the battery can charge my phone in 1.5 hours and charge it up to 2 x before needing a charge. I haven't taken it camping yet, but the solar charger seemed to continue working when I left the device in the car for a couple of hours. There was a little more charge based on one light staying solid and the next in line blinking, indicating a charge was being absorbed. I love the compass on the D ring clip, makes it very easy to slip to my backpack or belt loops. Great for theme parks, clip to loop and let it soak up the sun.

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