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Travel Router with Wireless SD Card Reader

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  • Wireless Data Transfer and Backup Anywhere: Connect SD cards, portable hard drive, and an SSD wirelessly to your devices (Phone, iPad, iPad Pro, Tablet, Laptop). Stream music, photos, videos, browse documents, and also transfer files mutually between SD Card, SSD/HDD, and your device. (Must hold the power button for 5s until wifi LED light on to turn on file hub)
  • AC750 Wireless Travel Router: Portable Wifi Router for Travel, Upgraded with 300Mbps Wi-Fi speed on 2.4GHz band and up to 433 Mbps on 5GHz. Instantly convert a wired network to private and share Internet access with multiple Wi-Fi devices via AP Mode/Router Mode/Bridge(Not Support VPN )Note: We have updated micro B Port to USB-C Port in order to charge the file hub better
  • One Key Backup: Upload your SD card-stored photos or video to your hard disk or flash drive easily with 12-18 MB/s on Data Transfer Speed without a computer. (Must hold the power button for 5s until wifi LED light on to turn on file hub)
  • Media Share & Personal Cloud: Seamlessly share with your families, friends and stream your videos, photos, and music on your connected smartphones, tablets, TVs, media players, Chromecast, Roku, and other DLNA devices, via App or Web.(5 devices allowed)
  • Wireless Free Up Your Devices' Storage: Automatically back up your latest photos and videos to the attached SD Card or HDD directly through our RAVPower FileHub via in-app camera. (Please make sure you have connected the wifi of RP-WD009 in 10 meters)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Can't I rate this 6 stars?

This is a BARGAIN below $60. Avoids the hassle of having to set up & agree to a hotel Wifi agreement on all your devices, by letting you do it on just 1 device through the router! You can even set up the SSID for them to link to your router before you leave home for more relaxation time on vacation, so all your other devices just connect automatically after you connect to the hotel's/resort's internet. Ever have internet go out on you during a vacation or wish your portable device had more storage space? I was able to stream content to an android tablet, iPhone and Roku from both the SD card and USB drive attached even without internet. The 5G band really helps to avoid lag/buffering you might otherwise get with higher 1080p bit-rate content. No complaints. Nice compact size to. The internal battery means it can even temporarily operate without power, such as when I used to to stream videos from storage while in a vehicle.

A blessing for road warriors. A mixed bag for Tesla and TeslaCam users

First, as a travel router, this device is a delight. It absolutely has a home in my travel bag. I measured wired ethernet to 802.11 at about 400Mbits/sec, which is certainly fast enough and can get you away from dreaded hotel WiFi. The packaging is delightful at just over the size of a deck of cards. It doesn't particularly hide the Linux heritage of the device, so if you want to log in as root and configure custom routing, go nuts.It is nifty to throw an SD card in the device and play movies from that on your laptop, phone, or tablets while traveling. That alone is worth the purchase price to many. It doubles as charger, but remember to pack USB-A -> USB-C or Lightning cables.It's a bit of a dated product, offering only the old Mini-B USB socket, which appears to be only for power, and USB-A ports for attaching a thumb drive. The menus try to look like an old version of iOS, but have a right-to-left ordering that feels unnatural. It responds quickly and had no problems with my Androids or Macs. USB-C Power Delivery would help both give and receive faster charges, but this device seems to only do a single ampere of charge either direction.There seems to be no connectivity over the mini-B connection; it won't show up to a host computer as either a USB network device or a USB mass storage device. The more common and modern USB-C connections would have been welcome. If you're counting on using the device directly on a Tesla to have it directly attach your storage device, that simply doesn't work.The handling of attached USB thumb drives is not very awesome. Photo and video folders on these don't appear in the main 'Video' offering, they are exiled down in the 'Explorer' section. The device doesn't index content like a media player would. Unfortunately, the provided web interface doesn't actually allow MP4 videos like those provided by TeslaCam captures to actually play.Tesla owners may find this device useful to attach their thumb drives and navigate to Explorer, then to the SD card and either SavedClips or TeslaCam to mark files to delete in bulk if you're trying to empty a stick or to create the needed top-level TeslaCam directory if you're in the parking lot of a store with a new stick on your hands. I was unable to actually PLAY any of the videos through the device, so it's not helpful for reviewing a traffic incident.In short, while I'm disappointed at what the product didn't do that I'd hoped it would, it actually does do everything that it promises to do, so it sticks the landing for a 5-star rating.

Awesome Customer Service!

Update, after posting my review about having issue with transfers, the seller reached out and offered a replacement. I have not had an issue with the replacement device. I've been able to copy GB files over to my iphone and ipad for editing. Works great!

Great device to share video files

I like this thing…with some caveats/reservations.I bought this primarily to stream mkv files to phones, tablets, computers, etc. from a 2TB HDD.It’s easy to charge it up. Just plug it into a USB port. You can have the thing plugged in while you’re using it, too, so you could have wi-fi on for as long as you have power available. You can also use the built-in battery although with providing wi-fi and providing the HDD with power, I can’t think that’d last very long.This unit is kind of odd in that while it’s dual-band (either 2.4 or 5 GHz), it’s either/or, not both. You must choose via a button on the side of the unit. If all the things you’re going to connect to it are 5 GHz capable, I’d use that because of the better transfer rate.For phones, you must go to the Google Play site for Android or the Apple site for IPhones and get the app. The app has a built in player which you can use to play movies, and it functions fine. The Android version permits you to choose available audio tracks and subtitle tracks. That’s a big deal for me because I like using subtitles. The IPhone app doesn’t seem to support subtitles.For computers, you need to connect via wi-fi to the unit, then log into it via a web browser. Once you’ve done that, you can use something like VLC Media Player (my go-to program for playing mkv files) to play the files.Under 5 GHz, streaming playback is effortless, very smooth. There can be some glitchiness the first few times you use it. Before going on a trip, I’d test it to make sure that the media files you’re attempting to stream can be played by the app.Under 2.4 GHz, I had a bit of trouble with glitching and pixelization during playback. I think if you were planning on having multiple people connect to the unit to play back video, you might have a problem with 2.4 GHz.The Filehub also has a slot for a SDHC card. The manual says you can do a one-button transfer of the contents of a card to a USB-connected HDD. I haven’t tried that but if it works it’s a nice bonus. I don’t plan on using that because for me it’s just as easy to back up files daily using my computer.Generally, this unit functions well and it allows you to pack a lot of HDD space for files while traveling. I do think it would be prudent to use/test it prior to a big trip to ensure that your files play back properly. You will also have to set up all your units (phones, IPads, computers, etc.) with the app or website address. The instruction manual is a bit of a mess but with patience and perseverance, I figured out how to make this thing work for what I needed. This is a very handy little device but you need to factor in little homework before using it. I recommend it.

Travel media server

I bought this specifically for use as a travel wifi media server, I got tired of the kids fighting over what one movie to watch on the overhead screen in the car. What impressed me the most was the battery life of this unit. I started a long trip with a full charge, plugged it in when we stopped for lunch and dinner and overall it lasted an entire 14 hr road trip with moderate usage between 5 devices.I don't recall seeing this in the instructions but cycling the power button after turning it on will allow simultaneous usage of both 2g and 5g bands which was necessary for our varying devices. I used a usb stick with my legally backed up media to provide the necessary content, the majority of which were mkv's and mp4's. Now for the tricky part, there is nothing that directly states how to access the media so this how I set things up to use with VLC media player on android devices and fire tablets (this has to be done on each device):1) Make sure your device is powered up2) Log in to the ravpower wifi network, either 2g or 5g with provided credentials in the instruction manual3) Open VLC media player4) In VLC open the menu dropdown5) Select Local Network6) Tap on the add (+) icon7) From the upper left drop down choose SMB8) Enter ip address, should be Enter a server name of your choice, easier to identify than just choosing an ip address off a list.10) For use with a usb stick: a. In the folder path enter directory "/usbdisk1_volume1" without the quotes. b. I have not tried the ravpower with an sd card yet, but I would conclude that a similar directory format would be required for use with an sd card ( I will update this step when I get around to trying the sd card)11) Save your changes in VLC12) In your usb stick create a root directory named "usbdisk1_volume1", without quotes, and place your media here or to better organize make subdirectories in usbdisk such as "movies" or 'music"13) Plug your usb stick in to ravpower and refresh your vlc14) Browse your content in the created usbstick directoryAgain this was used in a car environment so all the devices were in a close range, but there were zero hiccoughs with HD content playing through 2g or 5g. I give this a 4 star for use as a media player because of the setup required, and that's me knowing how to do this kind of stuff. If someone knows of a more straightforward way to use this as a media player with VLC, please let me know. Don't forget this setup has to be done an every device that will use VLC to access the ravpower.

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