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Temperature-Controlled Mug - 12 oz

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  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY: Compared to others, our temperature-control travel mug has a 3-hour battery life for you to enjoy your choice of hot beverage at the perfect temperature on a single charge.
  • TOUCH DISPLAY TEMPERATURE CONTROL: LED touch-sensitive buttons allow you to heat your travel mug to the desired temperature in less than 10 minutes. Choose from the market's widest heat range between 95F 150F.
  • DUAL CHARGING COASTER: The travel mug comes with a dual charger station for you to continue to heat your drink while you charge your battery at your desk or in the kitchen at home.
  • LEAK RESISTANT: Forget the droplets and mess, our spill-resistant rubber seal will keep your hot drinks contained in any terrain. Just open/close the 360-degree lid with a single click.
  • GIFTABLE: This travel mug is the perfect gift for the coffee fanatics in your life. It's perfect for birthdays, holidays, Father's Day, or "just cause" moments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love the Muggo!

LOVE my Muggo! It is perfect for a working mom like myself who normally has to reheat my coffee 20x a morning. I also love the leak proof lid as I tend to tip/spill my coffee frequently when carrying a million things and a screaming toddler. Keeps my coffee at the perfect temp and has a long battery life. I definitely will recommend to friends and likely will be buying more as gifts come bdays/xmas time.

Great Overall Product

Wish the battery lasted longer but the charging station provides a convenient way to keep your drink warm all day. Bought this as a gift for my mom and she loved it so much I bought another for my Dad. Both find it a sturdy mug that holds temperaturewell even without being powered. Great insulated mug.

Game changer

I'm a coffee snob and on the road a lot for work. This temperature control travel mug has really helped me keep my coffee and the ideal temperature - even through the midwest winter. Will be getting some for my team members at work as well!

Mugg is almost perfect. But overall my wife likes it.

It’s easy to use. At no time at all, my wife was able to use it. When I got the mug, the chord was dead. Meaning I couldn’t power the base plate to warm the mug and charge the battery base. Fortunately, there was a secondary charging option (usb charging). And we were able to mitigate the problem with customer service. I like how this mug have two option of warming the mug, one with base plate and the other is with the battery pack. This mug also allows charging the battery pack and warming the mug at the same time with the base plate. The feel is great, capacity is ok (I think it could be more but it may make the mug too heavy). The flow from the cap is slow, they may need to tweak this a bit. Also the cap feels a little bit cheap (plastic, with push down to allow flow and push down to lock flow). Battery life, can’t say for sure how we feel about it since we just got the mug. Battery pack is magnetized to connect easily to the bottom of mug. Packaging is not bad. Comes with: one battery pack you can see it in the picture, one base, mug, wall charger, usb charger, instructions.Picture with a quarter is how big the opening for fluid flow.

Good support for defective product

Stopped working after 2 months. Finally made contact with seller and manufacturer. After some email exchanges, manufacturer replaced the mug and included a hand written note with an apology for the inconvenience. They followed up with an email making sure I had received the replacement and that it was working properly. Now that’s customer service! Thanks to all for their efforts.

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