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37-in-1 Survival Kit

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  • Necessary life-saving equipment accessories: Firestone, tactical pen, spare cartridge, flashlight, knife, emergency blanket, blow fire tube, kindling, multifunctional spork, wire saws, bottle hanging buckle, whistle, all-weather notebook, climbing hooks, multi-function pliers, keychain screwdrivers, multitool card, survival bracelet, first aid kit, and storage case.
  • Lightweight and portable: The size is 8*4*2 inches and the weight is about 1.7 pounds. It is very portable and can be placed in a backpack, car, drawer, pocket, or pouch, or it can be securely fixed to the seat belt, backpack strap, climbing equipment, or mountain bike by the included ranger seat belt, thereby reducing unnecessary s damage. Risk burden. Emergency rescue equipment is ideal for hikers, campers, outdoor travel adventures, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and wild adventures.
  • This emergency rescue equipment and equipment kit are very suitable for tactical doctors, military personnel, police, firefighters, emergency personnel, hikers, campers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, etc. Suitable for car, boat, bicycle, motorcycle, workplace, travel, shooting, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, biking, outdoor sports, wilderness exploration, and other activities.

Customer Reviews

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Great survival kit...necessary

It's best to keep it in the trunk of your car for "what-if" scenarios.Like a spare tire...It is used only in emergency situations, not for daily use.However, the content here will certainly help you get through the tough times.Flashlights, folding knives, ropes, etc.A single project here serves multiple purposes.


It's easy to use and awesome. This thing is amazing, the quality is much better than what I bought in the store, and the price is very cheap. This is a good thing, easy to carry and choose, and excellent value for money. Overall, this online shopping is still very satisfactory, and I will repurchase again next time if necessary.

Perfect for survival bag

Love this super compact and light weight kit full of essentials. Very nice quality. I have been collecting these when I see them for a decent price for survival bags for my family of 5. This fits nicely in my small backpack. Not all my kits have fire starter - love that feature. Great knife. Would purchase this again for my bags. Would happily gift this to my Boy Scout nephews as well!

Handy and Versitle

This kit is very versitle. Comes in handy when out camping or evening fishing. It has everything you need for basic needs on little outdoor trips. The kit is easy to pack with you and helps minimize the amount of essential you need outdoors.

Great for camping and emergencies

Very well made items, and very good for emergencies, I will keep mine in the car!

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