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Double Hiking Hammock with Tree Straps - Black/Grey

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  • Enjoy the Swing: Lie down and rest with your friends, kids, or lovers, relax in complete comfort under the sway.  Our large size (118''L X 78''W) will fit 2 people, holding up to 500lb (226. 80kg).
  • Super Lightweight: Can be folded into the small attached sack, portable to carry, and fits into a backpack. It is a great replacement for a tent, sleeping pad, ground mat, swing, cradle, etc.
  • Adjustable Tree-friendly Straps: Each strap 10 feet long with 18+1 loops, easily locking the carabineers to any loops which adjust a perfect height and comfort level. No need to tie any knots and not damaging the trees.
  • Durable & Comfortable: Made of 210T parachute fabric material, has excellent anti fraying, anti-tearing, dirty resistance. Easy to clean and dries quickly after being wet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fat Guys Rejoice - You too can participate in this trend.

Living in an urban setting, it's not uncommon to see cool, young hipsters hooking their hammocks up to any tree within a five mile radios of downtown. If there's a tree available, it has a hammock on it...or two...or three. I, in all of my robustness, was envious of such activities because there clearly did not exist a hammock that could hold all of this (points to self). I then found the Kooteck Camping Hammock and all of my dreams to participate with the local hipsters came true. Not only is this hammock able to fit into my man purse that I carry around at work, but it is able to hold every ounce of my watermelon-like figure. And, as s surprise feature, I've discovered that it envelops you like a giant hug...an experience that us fatties are not always use to. Thus, I give this hammock two thumbs way up!

Comfy, attractive hammock at the right price

So far, this hammock has been better than expected! Bought to replace one that was 3x the price and only lasted 1 1/2 yrs. I love that it's a solid piece of fabric- no annoying strings to get caught up in or have to untangle. It rained on this hammock one afternoon and by the evening it was already dry- the fabric actually seemed to be cooler because of the rain (which is a huge plus living in hot, humid So Fla). It's HUGE, big enough for me and my husband to comfortably lay in, and for me to stretch out in. Easy setup, love the attached bag on the side to roll it up into, or keep your phone in while laying in it. Definitely recommend!

Okay so this hammock is like so easy to hang up

Oh my god! Where to start? Okay so this hammock is like so easy to hang up! Like I hang it up in two minutes. It fits me and my roommate in any position it being sittinf down doing homework or laying down talking about life while having it closed to avoid the sun( that’s how much space). It is fresh so it isn’t like disgusting laying in your own sweat thing, so easy to put back in that small and convinient pouch! I love it!!! If I could give it like a million stars I would! If I could also control Virginia’s weather and make it hot to be in the hammock everyday i would do that too.

Amazing value, and includes pro straps that could stand up to Eno's.

I was a little skeptical of the quality of this hammock for the price, but I ordered it anyway since my old one ripped and I had an upcoming camping trip. I was TOTALLY IMPRESSED when it came in the mail!I got the double nest size. It was even roomier and comfier than I thought it would be. It also came with straps. Real straps.... The ones that came with my (different brand) former hammock were literal ropes. These are probably straps, the ones with links the entire way down and 10ft long each, which run around 80 dollars from Eno.Comes with a warranty on the integrity of the hammock.I was totally blown away by the quality and the size as well as the price. If you're comparing this to other products, stop and buy this right now.

Perfect compliment for my rainfly

Recommend this hammock and it is a compliment for my Bearhard rain fly. My best bud bought the fly as a gift, I like it very much and ready to camp sometime, but I always wanted a hammock with me in humid and damp weather. I researched a little bit and and bought this finally. It‘s really a great deal!The hammock is big light weighted and compact but big enough for 2 person , doesn't take up much space of go bag. My rain fly is 10'✖️10' larger enough to cover the hammock. Both of them are high quality and easy to set up ( A manual is attached with the rain fly) even if I'm new to this. I have spent a night with them, the hammock provided me a comfortable sleep and the rain fly keep me dry in the drizzle. If you also needed a rain fly for your hammock, check out this Bearhard rain fly, the quality is really awesome. https://www..com/s?k=rain+fly&hidden-keywords=B07RS2HGND&ref=nb_sb_noss_1

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