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Coffee Mug Warmer - Stainless Steel

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  • Adjust to any Temperature You Desire: Designed in California. Just turn it on and touch the up/down button to set the temperature, making its hot plate warm up to any desired temperature from room temperature to 110C. Keep warm your drink to as high as 131F/55C. Please note it can only be used to keep drinks warm, cannot effectively heat lukewarm drinks
  • A Suitable Mug: According to different mugs make conduct or transfer heat differently, for better results, we suggest using steel flat and thin bottom mug for the best performance rather than a concave bottom. Placing a lid over the mug will also help retain heat. (Search for c1601-cm)
  • Blue Backlight and Precise Temperature Indication: Easily switch between centigrade and Fahrenheit by touching two arrow buttons for 3 seconds at the same time. (Note: digits on the screen do not represent the temperature of the liquid in your cup)
  • Safe & Reliable: Equipped with a high-tech Pi film heating element, our spill-proof design avoids damage and makes cleaning a breeze. Works with glass, ceramic, iron, and steel mugs; FCC & UL-approved
  • Brushed Stainless Steel: Made with high-end, brushed stainless steel, the warmer is solid, stable, and durable, and will work better and longer than other plastic versions, protecting both the warmer and the mug
  • Included components: 1X Mug Warmer, 1X Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ron G
Excellent warmer!

This is the best coffee warmer I've ever owned - and I've had many over the years. It's not real obvious in the photo, but there is a little steam rising off of the coffee, so it's a very good warmer. I often get a cup of coffee, and then take a phone call or walk away from my desk for whatever reason, and then return to finish my coffee and find it has cooled - but this warmer does a very good job. The finish and build quality is excellent as well.Another minor item is that my previous warmer, which was only an 18 watt warmer, would heat my desk so much that the finish marred, but this one is still just barely warm on the bottom, even though the top is 185ºF; by the way, I checked the temperature with a laser thermometer and it's within a degree - so I'm happy to say the temperature indication is accurate too.Great product.UPDATE: 4/15/2018 I've been using this for some time now and find that the warmer is still an excellent product and I would buy it again today; fortunately, there's no need as it still works and looks great.

Susan A.
Oh yeah, totally worth getting the “higher end” warmer

I am a coffee and tea drinker - big time - and I am always putting something over my coffee mug to keep it warm when I walk away. I have been wanting one of these things for a long time but I don’t like to buy something just to buy something. I love my gadgets and I said heck I’ll go ahead and splurge on this coffee warmer and I told myself I could also use it when I need to melt chocolate because I do like to bake.I liked that it didn’t look like your old run of the mill round generic coffee warmer. It’s square shape and the light on the digits when it lights up are easy to the eye. After reading some reviews regarding the flat bottom on a coffee mug issue, I still ordered this and I went on the rampage to look at flat bottomed coffee mugs. Don’t panic, my regular coffee mug worked just fine. Also I have a stainless steel mini carafe with lid attached that I keep my creamer in so it’s not so cold straight out of the fridge. Now I can even put the mini metal carafe on the warmer to warm up my creamer. I live in the mountains and it gets chilly out here. I have only had this for two days and I am so glad I went with this more pricey warmer because I knew I would absolutely use it every morning and evening.


I don't use that with a mug but with 50oz tea pots (see photo)THE BOTTOM MUST BE PERFECTLY FLAT indeed.It does keep my tea in these huge pots warm for the entire day!Wonderful.

Feb 2019 now Apr 2020..BEST warmer EVER. Keep cover on heavy mugs. I have 2C mug with thick bottom

Been looking for this unit for 20 years. It is flat and holds any size cup or mug. I have large bottom mugs that I use for my tea and they do not fit down into the other cup warmers that have edges. This one does not. I do not have a problem with the liquid too cold as I start with very hot tea. Some one complained that the full mug was not hot toward the top and then as it got lower it was too hot. I do not seem to have that problem at all. I find it is quite nice from beginning to end and that covers several hours. You can spill on it and it doesn't crack and peel like the other warmers do. And it holds the temperature AND remembers your setting. Totally cool.. I had a Mickey Mouse warmer that didn't shut off and ended up getting so hot it cracked my mug. WHAT a mess! This unit is lovely, looks like stainless. I am so glad I found it.It is now Sep 2019 and I still LOVE this item. Just wanted to reinforce my previous opinion. Keeps the tea exactly perfect. Just the way I like it! So glad I found this warmer, so much better for my mugs than the ones that you have to set the mug down into a specified space. This item is flat and the mugs fit so well. Absolutely perfect.

A wonderful warmer! You need to follow the instructions though ...

I've had the Cosori stainless steel warming plate since early November 2017 and love it. I was a bit concerned based on the poor reviews but it has been phenomenal for me. I make my tea in a very thin glass coffee pot (from on old, now defunct, drip coffeemaker) and keep that pot on the Cosori. I set the thermometer at 200º and the tea stays nicely warm until I'm ready to pour it into my cup. The trick to it working well is actually reading the instructions that tell you to use a thin-walled, flat-surfaced container, not a heavy mug. (Oh, and I paid full price for this - I am not a troll.)

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