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Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter - Cork

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  • Pour-over Coffee: Our manual pour-over coffee maker allows you to brew an excellent cup of coffee in minutes
  • Stainless steel: Includes a permanent, stainless steel mesh filter that helps extract your coffee's aromatic oils and subtle flavors instead of being absorbed by a paper filter
  • Coffee carafe: Made of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass with Cork Band detailing that is both functional and elegant
  • Quick and easy: Simply add coarse ground coffee to filter, pour a small amount of water in a circular motion over ground coffee until soaked then add the remaining water and let drip
  • Servings: Our pour-over coffee maker makes 8 cups of coffee, 4 oz each; dishwasher safe

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Darryl Miller
2.5 years in, excellent choice for great coffee!

I have a Bodum french press that I really like, so it was an easy decision to try their pour over carafe. now 2.5 years later, I use this carafe multiple times a day and is still going strong! Most of the time I use a 4 paper filter inside the included mesh filter just for ease of use and for a clean cup of coffee. Works very well and our coffee experience has never been better. I'm a chef by trade, so food quality is my life. Lets just say that I cut no corners if it affects the integrity of the finished product. I have a French press, an Aeropress, and this pour over carafe is what gets the most use by far. Thank You Bodum for a quality, well priced pour over coffee carafe.

Here’s why you’ll love this thing

I’m more of a hot tea person and I drink coffee maybe only 3-4x a year. I have just never been an avid coffee drinker and much prefer other means of caffeine if I need some. The need for caffeine usually comes only when I get severe headaches— and even then, I usually get a dose from migraine medication.Every once in a blue moon, though, I have an urge to drink coffee. Over the years, I’ve dealt with many a cumbersome coffee machine that I usually end up throwing out or giving away because it takes up too much space in my kitchen for as little as I use it. But then, every time I get that rare urge to drink coffee, I wish I’d had one again. One particular day a few weeks ago, I had that urge to drink coffee. I haven’t had a coffee machine in probably a good 3 years having given my last one away, so I figured I was out of luck. I don’t dare venture out into the public for a $5 cup of coffee I don’t need in the midst of a pandemic. I then remembered this adorable little coffee dripper I saw in a video I watched a while back. Though I’d never seen such a thing in person, I thought if any place would have some for purchase, it would be . Low and behold, did not disappoint. While browsing for a coffee dripper, I saw many different brands and styles. I ultimately settled on this one for a few different reasons.1. The price is unbeatable2. The reviews were plentiful and high3. I like the sleek style with the cork4. I prefer a coffee dripper that also comes with the glass carafe for a more all-in-one device.5. It’s small and takes up hardly any space at all! Perfect for my needs.6. The reusable filterWhen I received this coffee dripper, my expectations were exceeded. Though the device is pretty straight forward and self explanatory, it comes with very clear, thorough instructions about how to use and care for it. It comes with a handy coffee scoop and a lid to use on the top after your coffee is done brewing. The reusable filter is a huge bonus because it’s less waste and a money saver. The cork outer not only looks nice, but it’s easily removable for cleaning and it’s really great for insulation (no burned fingers!) It’s really well made and feels nice and sturdy, it’s also very easy to clean. No electricity needed, no need to wait forever for the coffee to brew. The top benefits, though, are that it produces some of the BEST tasting coffee I’ve ever had, and it’s compact so I can store it away easily until the next time I feel like some coffee— how ever long that may be.The bottom line is that I don’t think you’ll regret buying this. It’s wonderful to have!

The Best Part of Waking Up

We have been looking for a decent pour over system for awhile now. Obviously once you start doing pour overs, it’s difficult to go back to standard drip coffee but we found that we missed being able to make a pot of coffee, err, multiple cups for one person/ one cup for multiple people. We tried the sleek multi cup system on the right but the filter was very poor quality and had some serious drain issues, even with coarse grinds so our favorite system for over a year was the single cup, rubber pour over that you also see. THAT IS until we got the Bodum!PROS:- mesh filter which means no more stocking paper filters and you get that “dirty”, earthy coffee flavor- filter drains very well so no clogging issues- double wall glass so it stays fairly warm but it’s not a thermos so, not for longer that you’d expect- large bottom means lots of coffee- cork neck makes handling easy- the aesthetics are obviously top notchCON:- we could probably use an even larger filter and container-it’s fragile, but it’s hard to say that’s a negative given it’s a glass coffee system....A great buy!!

beautiful and functional 34 ounces Bodum pour over coffee maker

I recived this object this afternoon, washed it and could not resist to make my first cup of coffee. I got a Brazilian coffee brought back by a friend and filled a Bodum coffee doser spoon with it; I placed this coffee dose in the permanent filter delivered with the coffee maker and poured one cup of warm water in circle slowly in circle. The coffee started to drip in the coffee maker and I could smell the delicate aroma of my coffee specialy ground for pour overs so you have no powder residues in your cup. The coffee was still warm and tasty. I love this 1 liter Bodum and its attractive price. I picked it up the one with a black band. I figured that in case of stains they would not be visible. I like the fact it comes with one permanent filter, a band to protect your hands from heat, and two black lids. It is also a beautiful design that is functional in the sense that it perfectly pours the coffee into cups without making a mess. It is very easy to use and the coffee is really good if you take the right ground coffee and do not kill the aroma with boiling water. Instructions to use the pour over coffee maker efficiently are included in the package. They are in several languages with pictures. They are good explanations and make this fun way to make a good coffee easier. I am happy with this product and recommend it for people on a budget.

Sophie Erstad
Great option for pour over

I like this coffee maker because it's a small enough size to make a single serve or a little more if needed, so it's easy to store because it's not huge. 17oz is perfect, and plus, it means I won't overestimate and use too many coffee grounds. I like the small plastic scoop that comes with it, and the accompanying measuring instructions seem spot on. The cork sleeve is admittedly not as easy to use as some of the other plastic options, but it looks so much better. I removed the clasp that holds the strings in place around the sleeve, and so that I can just tie it with a knot. Much quicker than dealing with the clasp.Additionally, what made me choose this coffee maker over several other options was the reusable filter. This is a big plus to me, because filters are extremely wasteful. Plus, this steel filter is very easy to clean, and does not let more than an average amount of sediment through.

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