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Gravity-Induction Coffee Warmer - 14 oz

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  • Warms your beverages at 131F/55C
  • Gravity induction technology. Auto on/off, so the warmer automatically activates when you place your mug on it and shuts off when the mug is removed.
  • A ceramic mug (about 14oz) is included, You can also use your own mug with the warmer.
  • Fcc & UL certificated: Patented waterproof design, stylish smooth glass layer on the top make it easy to clean and assure you no concerns for security issues as it's made of flame retardant materials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Keeps my coffee HOT!

Absolutely love this item!! I love for my coffee to stay hot. I find I was microwaving it every 10 minutes or so because I sip it and drink it slow. This was the perfect solution! It kept my coffee at the perfect temperature until the last drop. I’ve been so excited about this product that I’ve shared it on social media and told others about it!

All I wanted and expected this is it!

This is a handy gadget if you don't gulp coffee down in an instant. Before this BESTINNKITS coffee mug and warmer I threw away so many cups of coffee because it became to cool to drink. Now it's enjoyable for a good while. It doesn't burn the coffee either. The taste stays the same if you leave your cup on the warmer for 20 minutes at least.

Not an Induction surface, it's resistance heating, working well and made well

It is not an Induction device. It does not have a gravity switch. But, nicely made. Has a pressure switch on the bottom which is what turns on the resistance type heating surface when a mug is placed on it. I guess "gravity 'switch sounds fancier.So 1 star for lying about what it is, but 5 if they had just been honest.

Keeps coffee hot!!!

I bought this for my office because I drink a lot of coffee but got tired of visiting the microwave to reheat my cup of coffee. After reading the reviews, I decided to give this brand a try. It worked beyond my expectations! It kept my coffee at a drinkable hot temperature all day! And it was easy to use, just set your cup on it & you’ll hear it click on. It got warm under the unit but not enough to cause any damage to my desk. I would highly recommend this product for sure!!!!

Keeps coffee hot

I put the coffee to the cup once the coffee came out from the coffee maker. The coffee is still very hot after a few hour. I like hot drink so I like this cup. But if you like the warm drink, I think you had better to wait the coffee a little cooler then put on this device,

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