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Multifunctional Folding Shovel and Survival Axe

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  • Th stainless steel camping ax is a mix of chromium and carbon, making it ultra-strong and rust-resistant. The sharp blade makes mincemeat of both hard and softwood chopping projects. You can split firewood, hack off branches, use it in self-defense, or break out of a vehicle with this tactical ax.
  • Lengthen & Portable Folding Shovel: The shovel is only 9.05 inches when folded, which is lightweight and portable. When extended, the shovel can be up to 38.97 inches to meet your needs. Great for camping, backpacking, hiking, off-roading, fishing, emergency situations, hunting, gardening, and more.
  • Thicken Extension Handle: The handle thickness is 7mm and made of high carbon steel. It has high strength and wear resistance, which can prevent the surface from oxidizing and rusting, enough to withstand the harshest conditions.
  • All-in-one Multi-Tool: Includes a shovel, ax, stick, wrench, cutter, saw, hoe, screwdriver, bottle opener, whistle, fire starter, ice piton, scraping fish scales, spear, and compass. Perfect for digging, chopping, sawing, cutting, picking, hammering, and even bottle opening.

Customer Reviews

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Paul Miller
Very versatile tool!

Wow! This tool is great! Very compact with a multitude of useful tools. Appears to be very heavy duty and strong. Lots of variations capable with the many parts and tools that are included. I will be keeping this in my truck for emergency purposes.

Complete survival pack!

The Axe sold me then I saw the size, this is a real survival kit. The shovel, axe, compass, knives, fire starter easily store in our trunk and easy to pack and carry. Many to pick from but this one had the axe so I know now I made the right choice.

Prepared like a boy scout

Thought I was being a little over prepared when I bought this earlier this year and put it in my car. With the Midwest ice storms, this cam in really handy for digging and, chipping my car tires out of two layers of ice and snow!Better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it indeed!

Hit with the dads

My dad loved this. He got it for Christmas. He spent all Christmas Day going through all the little gizmos it had. He put it in his Razor for his trips to the hills. He wants another for his truck.My father in law was given the same one and he loved it as well. So many different uses for it!

Carlie B
So versatile

I bought this shovel because of an upcoming camping trip but will now keep it in my truck for the winter. This thing does so many things it's amazing. The axe is nice and sharp and the shovel feels good and sturdy. All high quality steel pieces.

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