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Ultra-Bright LED Lantern

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  • MOST RELIABLE LANTERN ON THE MARKET - It uses LED bulbs with an output of 1000 lumens, guaranteeing you crystal clarity and over 100,000 hours of use.
  • 6 FULL DAYS OF POWER! Battery Powered Can Be Used For Up To 6 DAYS Straight on a Single Set of Fresh 3D Batteries. The last lantern you will ever need to buy.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT SHOCKPROOF DESIGN AND WATER RESISTANT - Designed with a hook at the bottom that makes it easy to set it up virtually anywhere.
  • 3 LIGHTING MODES: Low, High, and Flashing strobe. Depending on your needs, you can switch to any of the modes seamlessly by simply cycling the switch button.



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Perfect for the aftermath of Hurricane Maria...

Been waiting a while to write this review since I've been doing my own field test of the longevity of this lantern on its 3 D batteries. This test is was very important as I needed these lanterns for the aftermath of hurricane Maria. What more can I say than buy this lantern for excellent lighting when it counts most. This lantern is lightweight, extremely simple to use, and the longevity is above and beyond what I expected. As of this review, my lantern has been running continuously for 6 straight days on the low setting and yes people, AYL's claim on the battery life is right on! One of the best purchases I've made in quite a while, that's why I bought 4 of these lanterns!

Good emergency light

Great buy. Will be used for emergency lighting during power outages. I have a more recent version of the lantern. Installing or changing batteries requires twisting the bottom off. This applies to both the old version and the new version. After inserting the batteries replace the bottom cover. The directions mention lining up the red arrows. On the new version there are no arrows. Instead, a small plastic post on the bottom cover must be inserted into a small hole inside the lantern. Then, alignment is achieved and the cover may be rotated on. Appears to be simpler than the old version. If you have the new version, ignore the part about the red arrows.

Battery life is HUGE!

I bought this lamp for part of my Hurricane Disaster stash (Florida coast). To test it's battery life, I put in new (but several years old) batteries. I turned it on low (which is more than adequate walking around the house in the dark) more than 98 hours ago and it's still going strong. If I were to use it for 12 hours a day, based on my current test, a set of batteries should last more than 8 days. In any case, I just ordered a second unit. Good product.

Just like advertised.

Like the look and the light they give off. Very light weight, even with the batteries in them. Great looking for use when outdoors, or in with a power failure. Got mainly in case of loss of power during storms. Cannot comment on the life of the batteries due to not having to use them as yet. Will do another review once I have done so. Thank you AYL for your prompt service and also your FREE lifetime guarantee.

Excellently Manufactured.

We are currently using this lantern in a bathroom with no windows. We felt that if the power in our home went out while we were showering or bathing, we would like to have a light source. One of the best features, "that a lot of reviewers didn't like", is the little light that flashes on and off. This feature (the on and off light) lets you know where the lanturn is located when it's pitch black. Well constructed, well thought out, and quite durable.

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