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100 FT Paracord - Recon

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  • 7 Strand Core, 5/32 inch in diameter, 8oz x 100ft, 550 tensile. UV Resistant material
  • With an unlimited amount of uses, this 550 Paracord can be used for any and every situation
  • We maintain a strict quality assurance policy with QA checkpoints throughout the manufacturing process

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Traci Chancellor
God bless the USA

Product came as expected. I wanted to learn how to make things with this for gifts. I think I might try something different cause this was round but it worked for what I wanted to make and I love the flag design!


This is just what I've been looking for, fantastic...

Sturdy rope, great for price

I got this for emergency preparedness, and lo and behold, I did in fact use it for an emergency. Not one I was expecting, but the paracord did its job well.My cat got stuck in a tree about 30-40 ft up. He REFUSED to come down for days, and I was starting to panic. We couldn't reach him with a ladder, fire dept doesn't help with cats anymore, it went into the weekend meaning less places who could help us were open, etc. I ended up tying one end of the paracord to his cat carrier and the other to a full roll of duct tape to act as a counterweight. Eventually, we were able to get the rope up to a high enough branch, and it stayed true when we pulled the cat down in the carrier. And it's still good to use!All in all, 10/10, would recommend to anyone looking for good paracord.

Absolutely fantastic for masks!

I am a mask maker right now during the Covid 19 situation, and I use this paracord for my masks. I have bought it in a few colors, and I am EXTREMELY pleased with the quality! I use cord lock toggles with it, and they really do make the masks fit better.

Hunter Simon
Best Rope Company in the USA!

I will ALWAYS trust Atwood Rope Products. Made in the great USA and always made with high quality. I used 3 different colors for my 5.11 tactical backpacks, 5.11 police duty bag, and my body armor to personalize it and make them more sturdy. Love the colors and my fellow officers are jealous as well! Will buy again!

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