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Multitool Tactical Survival Shovel

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  • VERSATILE TACTICAL SHOVEL This is the ultimate survival tool! It includes the essential camping tools in one package a double-sided screwdriver, multi-functional camping knife, compass, fire starter, whistle, and a safety hammer
  • ULTIMATE CAMPING TOOL The folding shovel can perform 16 different functions including digging, trenching, chopping, hoeing, sawing, and many more. It's useful for outdoor activities and emergencies!
  • DURABLE AND STURDY This camping shovel is made from high-quality materials and has great overall tensile strength. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and comes with adjustable rods so you can adjust the length (19"/26.3"/33.5") and angle (45/ 90/ 180) depending on the task
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE This, by all means, is a portable shovel. The entire shovel can be folded, which makes it convenient to carry anywhere. It's lightweight and can be easily taken while backpacking, hiking, or camping. The multifunctional aspect makes it useful for survival bags or kits
  • ALL IN ONE ORGANIZER The foldable shovel can be entirely stored in its canvas bag you get with your order. The bag includes inner compartments for 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
All you need in one bag!!!!

Took camping and hiking. Very easy to put together and use. Love it!!! Very convenient!!!

Compact and helpful

This is perfectly sized to keep under your car seat for emergencies. I have used the shovel to dig small holes while over landing and It gets he job done. The whole shovel setup is pretty heavy when actually in use, but the multi-functionality is worth it. I will say, I needed to use the axe once and it did not work at all...I had low expectations on that front though so it’s all good.

A must for the car

Just in case of emergency....great to have

scott trainer

Havent used it but it was great.


The shovel kit came with alot of useful tools that can be used in pinch,

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