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35-in-1 Survival Kit

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  • 35 in 1 first aid survival kit: Contains a knife, compass, wire saw, water bottle clip, emergency blanket, flintstone, scraper, flashlight, credit card Knife, tactical pen, Paracord bracelet, Whistle, Carabiner, gift bag, and black waterproof box, Fishing tools, blow fire tube, Screwdriver, Fire tinder, spoon fork, Band-aid, Alcohol Pad
  • A Must-Have Survival Gear For Adventures: The tactical gear Almost contains everything you need when any emergency situation occurs like natural disaster or wilderness adventure. Necessary to carry in your backpack or car if you are going to travel or join any other outdoor adventures.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Our camping gear kit is lightweight and compact for carrying and storing conveniently. Portable tool case, filled with sponge, waterproof and shockproof. A survival tool kit can be easily placed in a backpack, car, drawer, pocket, or bag. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
DJ Tanner
Alot of gadgets!

Wow, this package has alot of gadgets. Each one is seperatly wrapped. All of the gadgets are stored in a waterproof plastic container. Very compact! I can't wait for my son to get this in his stocking this year!

Ede Ericson
I will survive

Exactly as described. Will make a great gift.

T. Marcus Allen
The kit is comprehensive. The items are good to excellent quality. All of the tools function

I was looking for an all-in-one kit to keep in my car for emergencies. This one comes with forty-seven pieces in total. It claims that it comes with all the accessories you need in any emergency situations in a Molle pouch. It includes gear for survival, first aid, and fishing.Inside I found:A stainless steel knife, a defense pen, a pair of folding pliers, a saber card, set camping cutlery, a paracord bracelet, a tactical flashlight, a compass, a first aid kit, a fishing kit, a thermal blanket, a raincoat, a paracord, a wire saw, a carabineer, a fire starter, a collapsible bellow, a whistle, and a hanging buckle.The kit is comprehensive. The items are good to excellent quality. All of the tools function and are pretty sturdy. This is a good one-shot emergency kit.I write reviews as a hobby and try to provide the best assessment I can of any item I buy from . If you like my review, found it helpful, or just want to offer some encouragement feel free to like my write-up and follow my profile. Thank you. Be well.

Robotica Industries
Great to keep in your trunk

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Great first aid kit for anybody who goes off road or hikes. This is a really nice compact first aid kit that has nearly everything needed to survive if something were to happen. I like the quality of this particular kit. It has a lot of useful items in a small compact package. You get a knife, compass, flint scraper, and so much more. Great for hikers or even to have on your dirt bike bag. It's a great item to have as a back up or just in case. It will pay for itself the first time you need to use it. I keep this in my truck tool box and so far It's been holding up fine.

Great quality, small space!

The perfect gift for the holidays! Great quality and everything you need in a small space

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