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Survival Seeds - 22,000 Vegetable Seeds

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  • 22,000 Seeds! 34 SUPER easy to grow Heirloom vegetable seed varieties for your Survival Garden. From a real LICENSED seed company. That means no seed in little dime bags packed on someone's kitchen table. Real paper seed packets with an expiration date, lot #, and germination number as required by Federal Seed Law. There is a reason seed companies have been using PAPER packets for over 200 years. Seed are living organisms that need to breathe. These packets actually have planting instructions!
  • This collection contains full-size seed packets of beet, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, chard, corn, cucumber, eggplant, basil, thyme, kale, lettuce, melon, mustard, onion, pea, sweet pepper, hot pepper, pumpkin, radish, spinach, summer squash, winter squash, tomato, and watermelon.
  • Over 22,000 vegetable seeds that can keep for over 5 years in the right conditions, and will produce 13,000 pounds of food for your survival and health, tailor-made to be easy growing, high yielding, all sealed in a convenient, secure, space-saving Mylar package that's waterproof, resealable, and easy to toss in your Go Bag or Bugout Bag. 

Customer Reviews

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I received my Survival Heirloom Seed Bag - 25 Varieties - Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds for Long-Term Storage or Instant Garden - in a Convenient Mylar Pouch via Prime two day shipping. I have been thinking about buying a pack of various vegetables, herbs, etc to o grow from seeds and then either transplant outside and/or grow them in my house/garage. I did my research and found this product as a very nice option to test my skills out. I am a novice so I decided to look into easier ways of growing the seeds to take some of the guess work out of it. I purchased seed pods by a different company that basically is self watering after you use water on them. After the pods swell from the water, you place the seeds in the organic compost that absorbs the water. I have seeded basil so far. The germination period is two weeks and then can be transplanted to pots. I really am looking forward to this little project and hope that it works well. I also sowed spinach and lettuce, which has about a week longer germination period. It will be such an awesome way to eat better and cheaper as well. I will be looking into testing out other seeds within the next week or so after I get an idea if these seeds germinate. I would definitely recommend this packed and company.This package comes with 25 Varieties of heirloom seeds and each package has detailed planting instructions. There are Over 5,000 vegetable seeds that will produce 3,000 pounds of food for your survival and health. Perfect as an Instant Garden and the seeds will store for 5+ years. They also come in a sealed Mylar water proof/resealable package. The varieties included in this package include Broccoli-Waltham, Cabbage-Golden Acre, Carrot-Danvers 126, Celery-Utah Tall 52-70, Chard-Ruby Red, Corn-Golde Bantam, Corn-Yellow Dent, Cucumber-Straight Eight, Herb-Basil, Kale-Dwarf Blue Curled, Lettuce-Bibb, Melon-Honey Rock, Onion-Bunching, Pea-Green Arrow, Pepper-California Wonder Bell, Pepper-Cayenne Long Red, Pumpkin-Small Sugar, Radish-Cherry Belle, Spinach-Bloomsdale, Squash-Black Beauty Zucchini, Squash-Early Prolific Straight, Squash-Spaghetti, Tomato-Roma, Watermelon-Sugar Baby, Wheat-Hard Red. The seeds are non-GMO are heirloom seeds which means they are open-pollinated--meaning that unlike hybrids, seeds you collect from one year will produce plants with most of the characteristics of the parent plant. And that's key to their survival!I did receive this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

just waiting to see what I think the family will enjoy. This item brags of

First of all, an heirloom seed is a seed that are open-pollinated, and passed down from generation to generation. Seeds from heirloom vegetables are true to type, meaning that you can save the seed from a certain plant and expect to get the same thing when you go ahead and plant those seeds again next season.With that being said, I am over the moon for all these seeds. My husband made me three 4'x4' raised garden boxes. I have planted broccoli, roma tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and zucchini squash. I still have a lot more room to plant, just waiting to see what I think the family will enjoy.This item brags of:****25 SUPER easy to grow Heirloom Seed varieties in a convenient, secure, waterproof mylar pouch****100% non-hybrid, non-GMO, garden seeds in packets with full planting instructions****Over 5,000 vegetable seeds that will produce 3,000 pounds of food for your survival and health****Perfect as an Instant Garden or for your Go Bag or Bugout Bag since the seeds will store for 5+ years****Tailor made for easy growing, high yielding from a REAL seed company!I would recommend this item to others, just know everything you are getting.Although I did receive this product at a discounted price, that does NOT reflect on my review at all. My opinion is ONLY mine, and I tell it honestly and with truth.

What a selection!

I loved the packaging with an easy reseal top to store the seed packets. The variety of seed packets was brilliant and to my liking. Knowing that they are non gmo and non hybrid eases stress and assures for healthier eating. The timing was just right, packaging perfect and the notification of package and its whereabouts at all times was well done. Thank you. Thank you.

We will be prepared

This is such a cool idea!.. Of course if you have to bug out, and live off the grid as they say, you would need to restart a garden. There are 25 kinds of seeds in this wonderful little package. It says it will produce 3,000 pounds of food, and should feed 1-2 people. You get a great assortment of veggies, melons, a couple of herbs, salad types (lettuce, kale, ect). a couple different kinds of squash. Just a really nice selection, perfect for starting an emergency garden. My husband is into all that "bug out bag", and prepping, as is our son, and a couple of our friends. I don't know if we or anyone will ever need this type of stuff, but if we do, We'll be prepared, and if we don't then he and his friends can play "guess who has the coolest stuff". If that is the name of the game, then this should definitely help to put him in the first place position. This collection of seeds, come completely sealed up to help keep them fresh, and they have a shelf life of 5-7 years. There is also a cool Bug Out Bag checklist on the bag of the package, that really covers all kinds of things you might need.I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for a fair and unbiased opinion. I always do my own research on any product that I order, so I have an idea, (like everyone else) as to whether I should waste my money on it. I rely on the reviews of others to help me make those decisions. When I do a review, I make sure that I have tested the product, and then give an honest opinion on it. I will always try to point out both the positive and the negative points on any product, regardless of the discount that I have received.

Love the long shelf life and the variety of veggies

I'm very impressed with both my purchases so far from Sustainable Seeds. (the other is the survival herbs seed variety package, also with a long shelf life)In particular:1) Long shelf life.I’m not a ‘prepper’, but I like the idea of a package of so many seeds having a shelf life of 5 years. The seeds that I harvest from my garden each year, I immediately plant again the following year – there is no question that the germination rates decline each year. I’m guessing that the Mylar, waterproof, resealable packaging plays a role in the long shelf life. I can’t rate the germination rate of this package as I purchased this with the intention of keeping it for ‘if and when needed’.2) Non-GMO, HeirloomMy garden(s) are completely organic and I try to grow only heirloom varietals. This makes it easier year after year when collecting seeds or when ‘volunteers’ reappear – far less likelihood of strange hybrids appearing.3) VarietyI am very pleased with both the variety and the accuracy of what arrived. I got exactly what was listed on the package. What I also like is that the varietals are the ‘tried and true favorites’ of so many gardeners. As an example: Straight Eight, Danvers, Ruby Red Chard, Dwarf Blue Curled, Green Arrow, Bloomsdale, Sugar Baby. You’re getting known varietals that are solid producers.* I received the seed package for evaluation and review

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