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Survival Seeds - 125 Varieties

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  • 100% Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds packed for Maximum Storage Shelf Life.
  • Premium Seeds Protected In The Most Indestructible Container.
  • Can Be Refrigerated, Frozen, Or Even BURIED For Long Term Storage.
  • Completely Resealable Packaging For Use Anytime For Years To Come.
  • You'll Never Be Without A Food Source And You'll Have Plenty To Share!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Awesome Value!

Extraordinary Value! The variety is huge. Seed packets are labeled & resealable, but there are no sowing instructions on packets. That's not troubling, if your a experienced Gardner. If not information on sowing for each type of vegtable is easily found online.The large pouch that holds seeds packets is very protective of seeds, resealable, blocks light, and protects if you choose to store seeds in freezer. The large pouch then fits inside a plastic box with handle, also a convenient way of storing & protecting seed supply.

Alot of seeds

There were seeds in there that I had wanted to order but were out of from other companies. Love the variety to choose from.

Reno Makua
Have a plan!!!

These seeds are for my seed bank. They will help my family and friends to stay sustainable.

Julie Banta
Happy plants, happy planter.

I may have gotten a little over zealous when this box arrived. I was so excited to get seeds that I started planting them in starter boxes right away!....in the middle of January. It's now almost March and many, if not all, of the seeds I planted have grown. I'm struggling to find good ways to keep them in containers large enough to hold them! Hence, leaving me with a window sill full of milk jugs cut in half, full of green leaves and stems. Its great!Overall really happy with what I got. It came with A LOT and it seems like the seeds are happy growers.

Its smaller but better than I expected.

I ordered these to start my own garden. I for some reason pictured this being larger but was not disappointed at all with what i found inside. The packaging is a nice little container resembling an ammo box. You find a large vacuum sealed bag with a pull tab to open. The seeds are organized by classification and each individually bagged for each set. The seeds look healthier and fuller than any ive gotten from home depot. Overall I give it a 10/10 just as is having not planted them yet.

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