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4-in-1 100 FT Paracord - Orange

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  • This paracord is measured 5/32 inches in diameter and 103 feet in length. You'll find this paracord is a great, professional, and practical invention!
  • 1 Waterproof Waxed Linen Tinder: The 0.3mm incendive linen soaked in wax water which is the best fire-starting strand on the market can help you light a fire in an emergency, even in heavy rain because it's waterproof for the wax treatment.
  • 1 Fishing Line and 1 Cotton Thread: The Dyneema PE braid fishing line,50 lb test, much higher strength than nylon fishing line, can be used for sea or river fishing, or invisible rope traps for snakes and hares. The cotton thread can help to sew clothes or wounds in an emergency.
  • The paracord can be used for paracord crafts such as Boot Laces, Survival Bracelets, Survival necklaces, Call lanyards, Dog Leashes, Work Lanyards, Knife Hilts & Axe Handle Wraps.

Customer Reviews

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Happy Gilmore
Better strand choices than Titan Cord (but not necessarily better quality)

I have purchased both Titan Survivor Cord and Power Cord. The biggest difference between these two is the trade off between the copper wire and the Cotton String.My experience might change your mind on which is better.I've been using the Titan cord as shoe laces for about 5 months as well as using it in accessories like belts, and bracelets. The quality of this product is very consistent but in all cases the copper wire makes it incredibly hard to use.Unlike the nylon strands it doesn't stretch. This causes the wire to break when bent a lot (like in bracelets or shoe laces), and even when removing the inner strands from brand new cord it can move independently of the rest of the cordage causing massive knots inside the sheath. This happened to me twice and made nearly the entire cord unusable.Powercord on the other hand uses a cotton string which acts similarly to the nylon and can be bent nearly infinitely without issue. Furthermore, the fishing line in the powercord is rated at a much higher strength than the clear mono filament. However, the mono filament in Titan cord is more likely to catch you a fish because of visibility.You can make your own choices but this is one of those cases where the contents make the difference in usability.Cheers,H.G.

Jace Priester
This is excellent firestarter. I keep a loop on my keychain ...

This is excellent firestarter. I keep a loop on my keychain with a flint. Have started many fires with it already, every one of them on the first try. A tiny section, maybe 2 inch long, burns for a good 30 seconds to a minute, definitely long enough to light bigger stuff. Top notch firestarter.

Solid quality

Color and quality are nice. It's a flexible cord, and the fire strand burned pretty well, although I only tried it with a lighter, not flint. Considering the other prices out there, it's a good deal.

Just as Described

This cord is exactly what I expected it to be. It's great for the projects I use it for.

Corey McMillan
Description is accurate

Came in on time, and was exactly what I ordered. I tested out the fire starter which burned for 30 seconds before it started to go out. I used fat wood shavings as kindling to get the fire going and this was more than enough time for ignition. the fishing line seems rather durable as well. I put this on the outside of my bug out back and it has held up nicely. I will buy again to make bracelets and necklaces out of. 10/10 definitely recommend.

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