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1GB Portable Hotspot - Gray

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  • 1.1GB initial Global DataWe understand the new home life makes you bored, therefore GlocalMe U2S comes with 1.1GB global data.
  • Double Your Data with the Same Price: The 6G USA data package used to be $35.99, now you will get 12 GB in total with $35.99. 12GB used to be $59.99, now you can get 24GB in total with $59.99, as low as $2.49/1G.
  • Glocalme App: Connect up to 5 smart devices including laptop, smartphone, kindle, etc. Download the Glocalme App to easily manage your hotspot and purchase data plans at a low cost. Available on iOS and Android. No contract or extra roaming charges. Network optimization to solve network congestion function. Keeping you connected is a top priority.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Must have for international travelers

I usually buy a local sim card. This is my 1st Globalme mobile hotspot device. I used it during the recent trip to china and japan. It worked very well. I also tried it in US. no problem at all. Good product.

A must have for travel

I have only been in the US and Canada, but I can say this product works very flawlessly. As long as I've been in a place where I have had decent cell phone reception, the speeds have been pretty good. You will need internet to purchase a pass so make sure you get that before you leave for your trip.

Great product!

Fantastic little device. It does exactly what I need it to do. Called the company to help me with set up and they were amazing. Very satisfied with this purchase!

Best solution for the international traveler so far..

Easy to use and best price, especially considering it includes a 60 Euro Coupon. Don't need 4G for this as I don't want to waste bandwidth watching videos. I've looked at lots of options and at 5 cents/Megabyte about anywhere in the world, this can't be beat for economy and ease of use.

Excellent Wi-Fi coverage around the world

Great wifi support around the world. The only drawback is that it takes forever to charge once battery is drained. Otherwise love it.

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