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Double-Sided Mylar Bags - 100 Pack

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  • SMALL POUCH BAG: Small 3x4 Inch Double-Sided Aluminum Foil Food Packaging Resealable Bags 100-Pack in Blue includes 100 individual foil ziplock bags that have an approximate 3-ounce capacity (depending on contents); 3-inch x 4-inch (7.6cm x 10.2cm) aluminum bag overall dimensions with a 3.9-inch (9.9cm) height from base to zip closure and approximate 3mil thickness
  • CREATE STUNNING PRESENTATIONS: Metallic mylar and foil aluminum bags offer the perfect design for selling goods in a store, displaying at a tradeshow, or storing at home; Customize with decorative or identifying labels on the outside of the resealable bag; You do not need to cut or tear the top strip in order to fill them Ziplock and/or heat-seal closed (top tear-away notch for opening after heat sealing)
  • FOR ANY OCCASION: Store sample packs are small portions of baked creations, coffee beans, cereal, seasoning, candy, tea, dried foods, oats, granola, nuts, crackers, popcorn, cake mix, dog treats, bath fizzies, sugar scrubs, and other powdered or granular items at your business or as a gift; Double-sided polyethylene-coated aluminum foil mylar keeps fragrances, odors, and flavors inside the bag and also holds items with a slight moisture content (not recommended for liquids)
  • TAKE ON THE GO: These zip bag pouches sealable bags are made of polyethylene-coated aluminum foil mylar (metallic mylar and foil pouch) to protect against humidity and moisture; To close, snap the ziplock zipper closed across the entire length of the sealable bag and additionally seal above the zipper strip by using a hot sealer (optional, not required); Reusable and resealable treat bags so you can take your creations or other items with you wherever you go
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: Double-sided aluminum foil treat bags package includes (100) small pouch ziplock heat-seal bags in blue to best suit your needs and your style

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Works perfect

Perfect for packing beans

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