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Large Dog Backpack - Yellow/Grey

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  • Lightweight and washable, our dog backpacks are perfect for outdoor travel!
  • Breathable middle mesh and soft mesh lining offer your pet a cool and comfortable experience.
  • Measure Girth, the widest part of your dog's ribcage.Recommended for Girth, L:32.28"-38.58"
  • The hiking dog pack's adjustable straps can fit your dog well and sturdy buckles make it easy to put on and off, no matter if your pet is small or large.
  • With two roomy pockets, you can put disposable dog food or pet toys and keep your hands free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Owner loves it. Dog hates it.

Cooper doesn't want to have to carry his own water bowl and potty bags. However, I'm not a Sherpa right? He didn't mind the attention he got though.Cooper is about 25 pounds and I bought a small. It fits him perfectly. The material is very sturdy, the color fun and there is lots of room. H carries is water bowl (collapsible), some treats and a potty bag.

I love it

My dog is pitlab mix. 60lb pure muscle.She wears size L.The bag is really sturdy. I put about 6 lbs of stuff in it. Her water, her toys, her treats, and some tennis balls whenever we go hiking (toys and balls are only to balance out the water weight lol). One time we found an off leash area at the hiking trail. She went crazy, running around chasing other dogs with the backpack on her back. She went through bushes and scratched herself on the ground. The backpack was still intact. Impressive!Also, she got some compliments along the way. That's a plus :)

Kayleigh coupe

These are perfect for my two dogs! I have two beagles, one is 25lbs and the other is 35lbs and I got a small for both of them and was able to tighten them to fit perfectly on both! They carry some water and food on our hikes perfectly fine. I love the handle on the top in case you need to pick them up, which we have had to do! They are very durable, we’ve taken them on a couple 15 mile hikes in the N.Y. Adirondacks and they have not ripped at all. And they look adorable in them and always get compliments when we cross other hikers on the trail! The only downfall is the zipper faces the front rather than the back so if my dogs walk through brush the zipper gets pulled open, a minor flaw. Overall I’m happy with this purchase!

Withstands abuse

My dog has worn this running through brush in Arizona, Louisana, Utah, Florida. It's withstood some extreme use. I finally got one hole in it a year ago. I sewed it back up and it's still going.If you go backpacking, I can fit 4 cups of dog food in each saddle w/a bowl & bone in each saddle.The handle is super durable, I've had to pick her up with it multiple times.My dog has super fine hair and hasn't experienced any chaffing or raw spots like most harnesses give her.

This Home
Great for German Shepherds

We got the Large size for our 85-95lb German Shepherd. Each side comfortably fit 2 water bottles, a collapsible bowl, poop bags, and my phone. As long as the weight was balanced it stayed hanging evenly and he seemed very comfortable for an hour long walk. It did not interfere with him going potty at all and was very simple to out on and adjust to his size. May want a bit sturdier one if you’re a constant adventurer or if you’re going to be rough on the pack but it’s perfect for everyday hikes and walks and fits German shepherds well! I was impressed with the quality and fit for the price!

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