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250 Piece First Aid Kit - Black

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  • Exclusive 250 Piece First Aid Survival Kit: Comes with a Military Molle EMT Pouch that was customized by U.S military veterans and field-tested by an EX- Army Sergent, designed to get you well-prepared in an emergency situation. The kit combines 241 pieces of First Aid Supplies with 9 powerful Survival Gear tools into a Must-Have EDC emergency kit.
  • Comprehensive First Aid Treatment: Exceeds OSHA Guidelines For a Single Family. The kit contains more than enough supplies to treat a single-family or a group of friends under emergency circumstances. Perfect for taking care of any medical or emergency needs during outdoor wilderness adventures such as camping, boy scouts, hiking, hunting and mountain biking, etc.
  • Molle Compatible, Durable, Portable, and Water-Resistant: The military-grade EMT bag was made from 1000D water-resistant nylon, it offers three large compartments and plenty of rooms to add your own gear. The overall dimension of the kit is 8 x 6.5 x 5 and weighs only 1.9 lbs. The molle-compatible straps on the back allow the user to attach them to other bags or your belt, which made it a perfect companion for any outdoor activities.

Customer Reviews

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Very impressed.

I bought this while it was on a Lightning Deal and all I can say is I'm very impressed with what I got. The case is VERY durable, the contents are very impressive. I bought this for my truck as a first aid kit mostly, but I thought maybe I could use the other items if I needed them in a pinch. The flashlight or glowsticks would come in handy if I find mine is no longer working, or the battery is dead. The poncho would be nice. I remember changing my wife's flat tire on a rainy Sunday morning and she would hold the umbrella for me, but I soon realize she was holding it for her more than me. My back was soaked by the time I finished. Anyway, having the poncho would have come in handy for that. And all the other odds and ends that you get could be handy one day. Very happy with my purchase. I wish I'd gotten the black case, however, but it wasn't on sale, only the OD green one, but it'll be hanging on the back of my seat, out of view anyway, so meh. I'll survive.

Very compact

I bought this for my nieces husband, he is in the Air Force. He requested this as a gift suggestion. He started off as a helicopter nurse & now teaches classes. He knows what is important in a grab and go situation. This kit is packed very well w/everything in its place. There is a little room to add more if you like. They have 4children, so this would be perfect for the car. I’m considering one myself, now that I’ve seen his! I wouldn’t mind something like this in my earthquake kit. I keep getting things, but nothing is packed right & would be hard to carry. This would make a great caring gift for anyone on your list!

Top quality!

My old first aid kit was thrown together with leftovers from my husband's kit and random items. When I got a new Jeep, I wanted something new and this fit the bill!When I got it, it was obvious that everything was good quality. So many kits are 'here's a bandaid for your boo boo.'Not this kit! There are large gauzes, and absorbant materials enough for a real emergency. Haven't needed it yet, but glad I have it when I do.My husband and his hiking buddy were quite impressed with everything inside too! You may have a couple more sales coming soon.

Buy it, familiarize yourself with it and be prepared.

Excellent grab and go kit. I had this for less than a week in my car and while I was picking my daughter up from school another parent leaving the school was sideswiped. I heard the noise and turned to see all airbags deployed on both vehicles. I felt reassurance as I left my vehicle with my kit that I would have everything I needed to stabilize the situation until first responders arrived. If you plan to carry a kit and intend to use it one day, buy this kit, open every item and familiarize yourself with it. Stage items for rapid deployment and have confidence when you or your loved ones need medical assistance you can help.When you’re comparing based on price, consider cost vs reward. What’s $2 when the well being of others is the intention.

Bag alone is worth purchase

So i ordered this kit to keep to keep in the truck. I was drawn to this kit because of the molle straps. I have a seat cover that accepts molle straps and have this kit strapped to my seat back so its very accessable. It also has a velcro panel that will let you remove the kit without having to undo the molle straps in an emergency. Just like any first aid kit or survival kit, there will be things you will want to add to make it more personalized for your individual needs. This kit leaves plenty of space in the bag to be able to do that. The bag is a very good quality and plastic lined to help keep things dry. There are what seems to be a large quantity of qtips for a first aid kit, they do indeed have wooden sticks and not cardboard, so I just think they could be used as a firestarter if needed. Overall very happy.

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